Cross-Link Capabilities


Facilities and Mixing Vessels

Cross-Link has a manufacturing plant conveniently located in North Carolina. We have a variety of Mixing Vessels to manufacture from 1drum to tank truck quantities of coatings. Cross-Link can quickly respond to meet your needs.

man dry blending

Dry Blending

Cross-link has access to elaborate dry blending system can mix any number of raw materials, including difficult powders such as those with low melt points. We can package in pails, boxes, bags, drums, super-sacks, or dispense directly into a bulk truck. Our total capacity for dry blending exceeds 1,000,000 pounds/week.

storage bins in warehouse

Storage capacities

Cross-Link’s bulk storage capacities range from 2,500 to 12,000 gallons for liquids and utilizes an extensive warehouse system for storage of packaged raw materials and finished products. This allows for stocking a wide variety of raw materials; as well as finished chemicals to enable us to respond quickly to our customer’s needs.

On-Time Delivery

Cross-Link is very responsive to our customer's needs. We have a near perfect on-time delivery to our customers.

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