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Cross-Link Provides Technical Services for a Wide variety of markets

Our development laboratories provide product development and technical services for a wide variety of markets. Cross-Link has extensive expertise and contacts in home furnishings, automotive fabrics, industrial fabrics, medical fabrics, construction, industrial, airline, filtration and the non-woven fabric markets. Our Technical assistance and knowledge provides the most value for our customers. We offer a combination of coatings experience and technical service to help customers solve problems, and develop new products. We are equipped to perform physical tests on treated fabrics and other substrates including:

FR Testing

FR Testing

water droplets on a blue background

Repellency Testing

Quality Assurance

lab assistant doing quality assurance

Cross-Link is committed to continual improvement and increasing our knowledge of the application and end uses for our coatings. We have developed coatings which do not require Cal65 labeling using our EnviroSoft™ Coatings.

Cross-Link is dedicated to providing the best quality products and service in the industry. When you need help with your coatings or applications, contact us via our Contact Us page.

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